Sep 7, 2012

Event Weekend!

Event Weekend!

This weekend is the annual Gulch-O-Rama, where the residents of Sullivan's Gulch gather to show off their craftsmanship, artistry and talent. There will be music, artwork, jewelry, pottery, photography, and at least one massage therapist! I will be in attendance, massage chair at hand, to demonstrate my own expertise at the art and craft of event massage and promote the opening of my new office location at 2430 NE Broadway St in NE Portland. The block party is from 4p to 9p this Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 at NE Clackamas St, between 24th and 26th Avenue blocks. It is a potluck event, so come see some neighborhood art and eat some good grub! My husband will also be there with savory treats from Esparza's Traditional Texmex Restaurant. Come check it out!

Runners - (Graham Shofied, at flickr)
For the runners and spaghetti-eaters among us, meet me at the Old Spaghetti Factory this Sunday morning, Sept 9, 2012 for some volunteer table massage in celebration of the Pints to Pasta 10k footrace. I've volunteered my massage services at several of the Run With Paula events and they are always a lot of fun and well-attended. For post-race or workout people, specific sports massage can help relieve cramps, reduce aches in over-used muscles and improve the body's transition after an adrenaline-filled six-mile run. For those just there for beer and pasta, massage promotes your body's parasympathetic response. What does that mean? It increases your digestion (among many other functions), thus helps make room for all that good eating you'll be doing.


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i use to run before but when i became busy i have no time for it..its pretty cool and very fun specially when you are with your family and friends