Nov 10, 2012

Get Rid of a Stiff Neck, continued

This is step 5, plus two bonus suggestions
  • 5) Unwinding and Relaxing (about 1 hour) - I went for a short hike with my husband at nearby Hoyt Arboretum. Being outside and walking through a forest was comfortable, relaxing and revitalizing. Whatever activities lend you a sense of happiness, relaxation and good health will be helpful. Massage, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, qi gong, a short day hike can all help in calming your nervous system down. If you can calm down your nervous system, it will help support relaxation in your spasming neck muscles. 
  • a) Bonus: Keep feet loose (2 mins) - Do self-massage, using a tennis or lacrosse ball to the bottoms of the feet for 2 minutes each side. I recommend a tennis ball or firm fingers, as opposed to other foot massage devices. Your feet, by way of fascia, are directly connected to your spine and neck. Use the cold pack on your neck while you massage your feet if you want to save time. Keeping your feet healthy in this way is an easy way to support your whole self.
  • b) Bonus: Keep hips loose (6-12 minutes) - Tension in your hips (which often feels like low back pain) can translate to your jaw, neck, shoulders and head. Keeping your hips loose will support your upper spine. The tennis or lacrosse ball you used on your feet can also be used on your hips. Place the ball on the edge of your sacrum (the big flat bone at the base of your spine and between your hip bones) and rest it there for several seconds, relaxing and letting your whole body melt over the ball. After a few moments, nudge it a bit further and rest your whole body over the ball several more seconds until you've done your sacrum and hip area.

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