Aug 14, 2012

Some Fun Features

Some (new) features offered at PDX Massage Therapy to help things run smoothly and happily, for both me and my clients:

• Accept Credit Card and Debit Payments: For over a year I have been using the Square device to accept credit and debit cards. Square, which is now on the verge of becoming ubiquitous, is a tiny chunk of white plastic that fits into the headphone jack of your smart phone or tablet and reads the magnetic stripe credit cards when you slide them through. Payment is immediate and secure and you can receive your receipt via email or text message. This little device runs smooth and true and has proven entirely reliable.

• Schedule your Appointments Anytime - Online -  I have integrated online scheduling on my website, using as service called Full Slate. I tried out a few other online schedulers, such as Schedulicity and Simplify This, but Full Slate won out because it does not require you to set up an account in order to book. You do have to supply either a phone or email, but you don't have to create yet another online account. The web app is also very easy to use, intuitive and fairly customizable. The smart phone app is not great, but it looks like there have been some recent improvements made.

• Increased Availability - I am now available 5 full days per week, up from just 2 days week. I made the jump and signed a lease to an office in a new location and can now determine my own schedule and focus my time and energy on my own practice and business fully 100 percent.

• Enhanced skills and knowledge - Since the new year, I've taken workshops in myofascial techniques to specifically treat Headaches, TMJ pain, and issues involving the Shoulder, Arm and Wrist, which is in addition to some of the other workshops I've taken to address issues in the Neck and Head, Back, Hips, Legs, Knees and Feet. And there's so much more to learn! I am a bonafide massage nerd. I can't get enough of the stuff. Thus the workshops are supplemented by time spent studying articles, books, research, webinars and with other practitioners.

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