Aug 23, 2012

Standing West, Looking East

It's true I've referred numerous times lately to Traditional Chinese Medicine, with references like Fire Element, Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. But really, i know only very little about such things. After all, what's my brief study to a philosophy that was 4000 years in the making? And it's fun and satisfying to learn and involve myself in a completely different (and yet not alien) paradigm. As well, the (traditional) Eastern-based paradigm is rooted in finding harmony with the world around us. This segues nicely with the work I do, which is also rooted in creating and supporting balance for our selves and the world we must engage in. 

Beyond some personal dabbling, my practice and the bulk of my pursuits is based on Western-developed concepts of bodywork therapy. Though I studied Swedish massage techniques for my basic training, I've since moved on to more in-depth techniques, including craniosacral therapy, myofascial therapy, and deep tissue. These forms, known as modalities in health-jargon, provide me with techniques that I use with skilled and experienced discretion. I combine and use them as a painter uses her paints on a pallet - deemed appropriate to a given setting, or to achieve a desired outcome. I seek to open up possibilities and invite change in the soft tissues - nothing forceful or dominant. Just making suggestions, in a non-verbal sort of way, my fingertips, to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The results are often profound.

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